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I support women who want to optimise their fertility, thrive during pregnancy and as a new mum...I also help with early childhood nutrition. 


"As a first-time new mum I was so anxious about the whole process and really wanted to follow an expert's advice when it came to giving my baby the best possible start with food. Brittany’s recommendations were completely focused on real, nutritious food with excellent advice on allergies and intolerances.

With so much information out there, I found Starting Solids so easy to follow, with fantastic menu plans and recipes to follow. I would not hesitate in recommending this book to all mums or even those who want to refresh their knowledge on nutrition and health for babies. Sensible, easy and nutritious. You can't go wrong."



Adult Consultations


Child Consultations

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Infant Consultations

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The early years of childhood are both precious, formative and nutrition plays a key role in optimal growth and development. - Brittany


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