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“Brittany is a wonderful nutritionist and herbalist – she is down-to-earth, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and thorough. Her approach is holistic and practical – she addresses both emotional and physical issues but also looks at lifestyle, to tailor her suggestions to fit within an individual’s daily routine. Brittany’s advice over the past year regarding a range of issues including psoriasis, fatigue, diet, pregnancy and dealing with stress has been invaluable to me. Her suggestions regarding food, vitamins, supplements and products have had a huge and positive impact on my health and general wellbeing. I am extremely grateful to Brittany and will continue to call on her helpful advice for years to come!“


- CJ Smith, Lawyer and mother of 2

"Brittany was wonderful at explaining the basic tenets of her approach. I went to Brittany for a smarter more holistic view of eating. She helped me in the pre-pregnancy phase and helped me prepare for fertility and beyond. It was good to have her constant support and enthusiasm as we worked towards our goals. I felt more vital and it helped me stay motivated through the pregnancy."


- Anna Ciliberto, Architect & Mum of 2

"I met Brittany a few years ago when I was having a range of gut and hormonal issues.  She worked with me to find out where my problems were coming from so they could be permanently treated.  If you are looking for a quick fix, Brittany is not the right person for you.  However, if you want to get to the root of your problems and have long lasting health, she is perfect.  I am forever grateful that I met Brittany and no longer have the issues I did.  We used a range of herbal supplements however,  I no longer use supplements unless I am unwell or low in energy.  She will work with you to achieve sustainable results.  I am confident that you will love working with Brittany to achieve optimal health and wellbeing."


- Jessica Kerr, Mum of 2

“I have been a chronic sufferer of psoriasis for the last 20 years. Over the years I have tried everything and had some good and some bad periods. I have been using steroid cream for a number of years with no success. I was then referred to a dermatologist who said that I had a severe case of psoriasis. She then prescribed a drug that she claimed would bring the psoriasis under control. I was concerned about the side affects of this drug and then fortunately was referred to you for a consultation.After my consultation with you it became clear that it was the food that I was eating that was causing most of the problem, and my lifestyle. I then followed your dietary instructions to the tee. In the space of three weeks I was not only feeling a lot healthier but my psoriasis was non existent.


It is remarkable that what doctors had tried (unsuccessfully) to achieve with medication for 20 years, you achieved in just three weeks. You are remarkable. Brittany, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am now back at the gym and jumping out of my skin, which, by the way, is now clear and not flaky red and itchy like it used to be. I used to itch for hours in bed of a night and sometimes just scratched myself to sleep.  I can now wear dark suits again as my scalp is free of flaking.”


- Peter Lawson, Accountant 

“18 months ago I approached my General Practitioner to discuss severe pain in my joints especially my hip. He suggested I had osteoarthritis and I needed to have hip replacement. He also suggested I lose some weight. I was 110kg at the time. A friend suggested I talk to Brittany regarding all these issues and see if she could help me. I had been suffering a weight issues for many years and no weight loss professional had ever suggested what Brittany suggested. To say the least the weight fell off and my energy levels were lifted and most importantly the pain in my joints disappeared. To this date, nine months later I am 88kg, my blood pressure is that of a young fit man and my GP is overwhelmed with my success”.


- K.M, 63 years old, Plant Nursery Owner, NSW

“Brittany delivers her expert advice on nutrition and herbal healing in a practical and no-nonsense way. Apart from making the correct diagnosis, she listened to how I run my life as a means of making sure that her prescribed changes to my diet were achievable and still left room for right amount of ‘little pleasures’. At the end of the day, I feel excellent and it seems to me that Brittany’s overall goal is seamlessly integrating good food into busy lifestyles – the way it was meant to be.”​

- Nick Tobias, Principal Architect at Tobias Partners

“Brittany has the superb ability to integrate the complex and beneficial science of nutrition into our busy daily patterns.While being patient, understanding and clear, she harmonizes health with day to day living.The programme she set me was easy to follow, had instant benefits, has given me buckets more energy and a new zest for life. She rocks.”


- J MacDonald, JPWere Wealth Management

"Brittany is very dedicated, professional and open minded. I really appreciated how she took onboard a wide amount of information about me and suggested approaches that were cost effective. She explains the mechanics behind the complicated words, which I really like. 


Getting my gut back in balance has been a journey that involves a lifestyle change as well as a food change. It can be hard work, but it’s worth it. I have seen benefits already after a few months. Interestingly many benefits are not directly gut related - including skin dermatitis, dandruff, throat irritation. I discovered I was intolerant to some food groups and that it caused those issues. I highly recommend Brittany for people that are ready to do some work too."


- André Flament, IT consultant, Sydney

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