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The Starting Solids Ebook Bundle

B. HSc Nutr.

A healthy, evidence-based guide to feeding your baby, and starting a life-long love of wholefoods.

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"I luckily discovered Brittany's Starting Solid's e-book in perfect time to begin solids with my baby girl. Brittany's  recommendations were completely focused on real, nutritious food with excellent advice on allergies and intolerances. Starting Solids so easy to follow, with fantastic menu plans and recipes to follow. I would not hesitate in recommending this book to all mums or even those who want to refresh their knowledge on nutrition and health for babies. Sensible, easy and nutritious. You can't go wrong."


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I've created this ebook for you

I originally wrote "Starting Solids" in 2013 when I was weaning my first born, Leonard. I found a lot of what was written confusing and overly-complicated, leaving me overwhelmed and unsure what to do.


My aim was to create something that was really simple, easy to follow, to help cut the confusion and empower you to feed your babies healthy real food.Starting Solids 2.0 was launched in June 2020 and contains 40+ recipes and the latest up to date information on nutrition for babies, gut health, allergies and more. 


As a Nutritionist, Herbalist and mum of two, I am passionate about children's health and making delicious nourishing food. I believe that starting off on the right foot can make a big difference to your child's future health. I understand the fear and confusion around weaning babies and the struggles around feeding toddlers and fussy eaters. I have lived through all this with my own children. 


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Why you need the Starting Solids E-Book
  • Learn the signs of readiness and how to know when to start solids

  • What are the best first foods and how to introduce them

  • Tips on allergens, rice cereal and the truth about salt

  • Unbiased advice and support on breast and bottle feeding

  • What nutrients are most important for you baby, and what foods contain them

  • What's the difference between A2, regular cows milk and goats milk and how to figure out what is best for your baby

  • How to support your babies gut health and all about prebiotics and probiotics 

  • I'll help you identify and avoid food allergies and sensitivities

  • Plenty of tips for baby food storage and preparation

  • Plus meal planners and feeding guide


PLUS Bonus Starting Solids Recipe Book including;

  • 40+ wholefood recipes including purees, finger foods and family meals, that are nutritious and easy to prepare. 

  • Plently of plantbased recipes, 4-ingredient options and allergen free options. 

  • Plus a shopping and grocery guide to help get you started 

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