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The Holistic Guide to
Preconception + Pregnancy

B. HSc Nutr.

Preconception care is laying down the nutritional foundations for a healthy pregnancy and involves so much more than just the 9 months of gestation.


"Brittany was wonderful at explaining the basic tenets of her approach. I went to Brittany for a smarter more holistic view of eating. She helped me in the pre-pregnancy phase and helped me prepare for fertility and beyond. It was good to have her constant support and enthusiasm as we worked towards our goals. I felt more vital and it helped me stay motivated through the pregnancy."


I've created this ebook for you

This eBook started as a single page of bullet points that I would run my preconception clients through. It was brief but it helped jog my memory of all the important nutritional and environmental factors to guide them to better health and ultimately optimal pregnancy outcomes. Oh how it has grown!

The first thing a woman usually says to me when she comes seeking advice for preconception (yes, usually just the woman and I’ll comment on that in the eBook) is, I want to get healthy because I have a feeling I’m going to have trouble falling pregnant. I’m always so excited she is forward planning and striving for a healthy pregnancy BUT why do all women automatically assume they are going to have trouble conceiving! There is a huge psychological component to this and of course, some couples will struggle, but not all. I think it is also important to acknowledge the mental shift from trying desperately NOT to fall pregnant for most of our adult lives, then one day deciding that we want to have a baby.

Image by Lotte Meijer

I decided to write a more comprehensive preconception and pregnancy eBook because there was nothing out there that encompassed all aspects of preconception and fertility, from a holistic and natural perspective. It doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t started trying or on your IVF journey, this guide is all about getting you (and your partner) to your healthiest and most fertile. I am a strong advocate for the holistic approach which incorporates evidence-based nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors, alongside the medical model for supporting the best opportunity for preconception and healthy pregnancy. I’ve created this ebook to share with you everything I’ve learnt through my own experience as a mother of 2, from my professional development, study, and never-ending research (literally!). I've been adding in bits of information from newly released scientific papers right up until the release of the eBook. 

And ultimately the best advice I can give you is, to focus on a healthy you and healthy partner and have amazing sex without worrying about the consequences!

What's Inside? 
  • Evidence-based advice on nutritional support for preconception & pregnancy 

  • Functional testing guide

  • Fertility & cycle awareness

  • Detailed information on prenatal and pregnancy supplementation 

  • Tips for boosting male fertility

  • Latest research on vaginal, oral and gut microbiome and how this affects your fertility

  • Advice on reducing environmental toxicities & endocrine disruptors

  • Natural remedies for common pregnancy concerns eg. morning sickness, gestational diabetes and more 

  • Contributions from experts on the 4th trimester and oral health

  • PLUS BONUS: safe home checklist, wholefood recipes, meal planner template, safe pregnancy eating guide and dirty dozen shopping guide

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