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Indian Butter Curry

Prep Time: 15 mins. Total time: 45 mins. Makes 6 generous portions.


3 heaped tablespoons fennel seeds

3 heaped tablespoons cumin seeds

1tsp garam masala

1tsp ground turmeric

salt, to taste

2 garlic cloves

3cm cub of ginger, grated

1 brown onion

100g grass-fed butter or ghee

1 tbsp olive oil

1 BPA-free tin of chopped tomatoes

150g cashew nuts

100ml water

Protein of choice (cut into cubes) - 900g skinless free-range chicken thighs, 500g tofu or tempeh or 800g pre cooked chickpeas or beans

200g coconut cream

Brown basmati rice, to serve

Fresh coriander, to serve


  1. Add the fennel and cumin seeds to a frying pan and dry roast for 2 minutes on medium-high heat. Remove from the heat.

  2. Finley chop the onion and mince/crush the garlic.

  3. Add the butter and olive oil to a frying pan and place on a medium heat to melt. Once the butter has melted, add in the spices and allow to cook for 3 minutes. Then, add the onion, garlic and ginger and sauté until the onion is soft and golden.

  4. Place the tomatoes, cashew nuts and water into food processor and blitz until the ingredients are well mixed and smooth. You can use a stick mixer if you don’t have a food processor. Once mixed, add to the frying pan.

  5. Then add the coconut cream, garam masala, turmeric, salt and the cumin to the frying pan. Mix well and let the curry gently simmer on low heat. Add your protein of choice and cook the protein cooks through (approx 15-20 minutes, depending on what you have used).

  6. While the curry is cooking, cook the rice.

  7. Once the curry and rice are ready, serve in bowls with fresh coriander, pepper naan bread.

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