Through my 1:1 consultation's, I can help you cut through the confusion, overwhelm and decision-fatigue when it comes to your health and wellbeing.


My mission is to help you get really clear on what to eat to better your health on every level, and guide you to which nutritional and herbal medicines can support you so you can live your best life; a life with less pain and inflammation, where you feel calmer and less stressed, and where you have better skin health, healthier digestion, and a stronger immune system.


I'm a regular expert health contributor in the media and have been featured in Gourmet Traveller, Body + Soul, Women's Health magazine and Cleo magazine, plus more. 


When I'm not consulting, writing articles or mixing up healing herbal formulas, you will find me cooking delicious food, building sand castles on the beach with my two children and indulging in a glass of wine (or two).


Working with me means you’ll have bucket loads more energy, feel in control, and feel well again.


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Brit x


“Brittany is a wonderful nutritionist and herbalist – she is down-to-earth, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and thorough. Her approach is holistic and practical – she addresses both emotional and physical issues but also looks at lifestyle, to tailor her suggestions to fit within an individual’s daily routine. Brittany’s advice over the past year regarding a range of issues including psoriasis, fatigue, diet, pregnancy and dealing with stress has been invaluable to me. Her suggestions regarding food, vitamins, supplements and products have had a huge and positive impact on my health and general wellbeing. I am extremely grateful to Brittany and will continue to call on her helpful advice for years to come!" 


-CJ Smith, Lawyer and mother of 2

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Consulting Nutritionist Bondi Junction

"Hey, I'm Brittany Darling.

I'm an Accredited Nutritionist and Herbalist, and I work with people who really want to get well and be healthy."